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Something About Company

The company gets its name from the ‘seed of the mango fruit’. The rationale behind the name is as refreshing as the enigmatic fruit itself.

The Mango tree goes beyond just being a source for mangoes. It’s a beautiful, living thing that gives back so much to the planet and the people who tend it. The foliage is known to purify the air, better, than most other plants and thus has a religious significance.

Mango is called the king of fruits not just for its epicurean taste and vibrant yellow colour, but also for the array of health benefits it offers. The fruit keeps cholesterol in check, alkalizes the body, aids weight loss, strengthens the immune system, reduces formation of kidney stones, the leaves regulate diabetes, the rind of the fruit is used to cleanse skin…the list of benefits is endless.

Our company idolizes every part of the Mango tree and therefore celebrates its seed, in the form of its name – KOYE.

Koye endeavours to go the extra mile – to anticipate the needs of the people and provide unparalleled care that exceeds expectations. It is poised to grow in magnitude, steering towards a healthier and happier world. It is committed to heal, cure and provide general wellbeing and happiness.

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  • Category Pharmaceuticals
  • Location Mumbai
  • Full Address A-10, 3rd Floor, Art Guild House, Phoenix Market City Annexe, LBS Marg, Kurla (West), Mumbai - 400070

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